Package 10

The Ultimate Portable PA System

Dual QSC K10 PA System + Mixer + Subwoofers

Powerful hi-fi quality sound for speeches, music and events up to 600 or more. This system has provided outstanding sound for conference speeches and rock bands at venues such as the Hyatt Perth Grand Ballroom.


  • Behringer Ultralow-noise 16-input mic/line mixer with premium mic preamps, FBQ feedback detection, and 24-bit multi-FX processor.
  • Dual Yamaha DXS12 Powered Subwoofer The DXS12 is an extremely compact and powerful subwoofer equipped with a high-efficiency 950W Class-D amplifier and a 12″ high-output woofer housed in an acoustically optimized band-pass enclosure. The powerful D-XSUB low frequency processor produces low-end sound you would never expect from a compact 12″ subwoofer.
  • Connect mobile device – phone, tablet with cable or Bluetooth

Package 10 Hire price $500

  • Add a microphone, cable and stand for an extra $40. Radio mic $60.