Jim McGuire

Tenor/Musician/Musical Director. All round entertainer available for concerts, weddings and all musical events.

Scottish born musician, musical director and entertainer Jim McGuire has a long musical history starting as vocalist and lead guitarist with some of Scotland’s top rock groups and show bands before expanding to jazz, folk and opera.

Some of his most memorable performances from that era include supporting stars such as Eric Clapton, The Who, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Manfred Mann, the Kinks, the Animals, Pink Floyd and Moody Blues, to name but a few.

After making his home in Perth, Western Australia in ’1983, Jim expanded his musical interests and repertoire to include Traditional Scottish and Irish music, Folk, Blues, Rock & Roll, Jazz and Opera.

Jim trained in tenor voice under renowned ABC soprano Shirley Flesfader and studied guitar with Manny Charlton of Nazareth and master acoustic guitarist Bernard Carney. Jim is a true entertainer with the ability to adapt his style and performance to any occasion as solo or with one of his bands.

Jim is particularly renowned for his interpretation of traditional Scottish songs but with his long and varied musical experience he is just as comfortable with Rock & Roll, Blues and pop and can pull on his vast repertoire to create the right mix for your event.

Jim is also an experienced musical director responsible for a variety of musical productions in Australia and overseas including the annual Gidgestock Music Festival and The Bay Music Club.